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Powder Coating

Vertical Powder Coating Application

Vertical Powder Coating Application

Extrusions of up to 7 metres long, even flexible polyamide types are automatically transferred to the vertical plane. They are then taken into a fully computerised, ten stage chemical pre-treatment tunnel.

There they are cleaned, etched and pre-treated by a synchronised spray system. They then pass through a rinse section that uses an impressive 10,000 litres of pure de-mineralised water every hour! Every stage of this process is computer controlled to ensure the high standard of quality you expect from Vertik-al. The extrusions then pass through the dry off prior to powder coating. Temperature in this section of the process is also computer controlled, ensuring metal temperature stays within set parameters.

The heat exchange system within this section also ensures the atmosphere is not contaminated and the extrusions arrive at the coating stage in a consistent, clinically clean dry condition.

Coating the extrusions is as revolutionary as the first process – the coating thickness is controlled to extremely close tolerances over the 7 metre length. This ensures consistent quality extrusion after extrusion! The coating is then cured, not in a conventional oven, but in a micro chip controlled environment, again completely free from contaminates.

Horizontal Powder Coating Application

To compliment the Vertik-Al plant, we have three conveyorised horizontal coating lines using quick change colour speeder booths, which enables change times to be reduced to around 5 minutes. This offers the very best quality and turnaround for smaller batches.

Extrusions, pressings and virtually any type of aluminium fabrications are pre-treated through a nine stage immersion process, dried by controlled hot air before being loaded onto the powder coating lines. Items can be coated both manually or automatically using reciprocating guns and then transported through a Qualicoat approved curing oven.

Whichever way you choose – we at Vertik-al use the very latest technology available for horizontal and vertical coating – giving you the customer the very best finish available, as you would expect from the market leader in powder coating.

With more than 57 Years of Experience in the field, we know our industry like the back of our hands.

We love what we do and it shows. There’s no challenge too big or too small, and we dedicate our utmost energy to every project we take on.

Powder Coating

Extrusions of up to 7 metres long, even flexible polyamide types automatically transferred to the vertical plane.

Protective Tape

Low Tack protective tape offers protection during transportation and fixing damage when on site.

Polyamide Rolling

Two individual Aluminium profiles rolled together using a Polyamide insulated strip to form a finished profile.

Frequently Asked Question

Vertical powder coating is a type of powder coating process in which parts are hung on a conveyor system and coated vertically instead of horizontally. This allows for more efficient use of space and increased productivity, as multiple parts can be coated at the same time in the same colour.
Vertical powder coating has several benefits, including more efficient use of space in the coating booth, increased productivity due to the ability to coat multiple parts at once, and reduced handling of parts which can lead to fewer defects and less damage. Additionally, vertical powder coating can result in a more even coating thickness and better coverage of hard-to-reach areas.
Vertical powder coating lines can be used to coat a wide range of parts, predominantly bars and longer aluminium items hung on a conveyor system.
Once pre-treated the dry profiles are transferred to a continuous powder coating line, powder is electrostatically charged and sprayed onto the aluminium profile, the powder is attracted to the electrically earthed profile and builds up to a consistent thickness. The coated material is rapidly heated and monitored between 180 to 210º C depending on the powder coat specified. At this temperature the powder melts and forms chemical cross links and flows on the surface of the aluminium. Profiles exit the oven and are allowed to cool naturally. Profiles are then inspected. Profiles are identified as being to the quality standard and are then ready for use.
Horizontal powder coating allows for large parts. It is also possible to spray more complex parts such as louvres as there is the ability to hand spray into the complex areas. It is also possible to change colour quickly and offer a huge variety of colours.

Most parts are suitable for horizontal powder coating limited by the size of the booth.

Florida testing – ‘Q-Lab’ Florida climate combines:

  • Strong UV attack
  • High temperatures
  • High humidity

Florida testing consists of observing colour variation and gloss change in time. Florida natural exposure is a universal testing procedure.

The QUALICOAT specification defines four classes of powder with increasing levels of weathering durability:

  • Class 1 – ‘Standard Durable’ – 1 year Florida
  • Class 1.5 – ‘Super Durable’ – 2 year Florida
  • Class 2 – ‘Super Durable’ – 3 year Florida
  • Class 3 – ‘Hyper Durable’ – 10 year Florida

The QUALICOAT specification defines three values for powder coating finish gloss levels when tested to ISO 2813 using an incident of light at 60° to the normal:

  • Matt – 0% to 30% gloss level.
  • Satin – 31% to 70% gloss level.
  • Gloss – 71% to 100% gloss level.