Why Choose Powder Coating?

Powder coating is the common medium that is used in the manufacture of metal products and fabrications. The common choices for the finish of a product or component are wet paint, stove enamelling and powder coating. Yet, powder coating is the most sought out finish for many products.

Powder Coating vs Wet Paint

There are a number of benefits that powder coating presents that a wet paint finish does not:

Smoother results – Powder coating is thick and viscous when molten and will not run, where as wet paint will. The application fo powder coating avoids any rough finishes than that of wet paint.

Easy application – A wrap-around effect can be achieved by spraying on powder coating and from this it is easier to achieve flawless results as you are less likely to over spray. The fast application that is associated with powder coating also means that there is a slim chance any areas will be missed.

Environmentally friendly – The coating forms when the powder melts, with no need for solvents – this plays a part in the reduction of its ecological impact.

Powder Coating vs Stove Enamelling

Stove enamelling uses a specialist paint that needs to be cured in an oven. Yet, powder coating is still favourable and here’s why:

Durable – While stove enamelling provides a strong, durable surface, powder coated items are less likely to suffer from scratching, surface damage and chips, along with being waterproof.

Ecological – Again, powder coating does not require any solvents, where are stove enamelling does.

When powder coating is applied correctly, it offers many benefits and applies an especially durable, environmentally friendly finish to what it is coating.

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