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Powder Coating

Vertical Powder Coating Application

Extrusions of up to 7.2 metres long, even flexible polyamide types are automatically transferred to the vertical plane. They are then taken into a fully computerised, ten stage chemical pre-treatment tunnel.

There they are cleaned, etched and chromated by a synchronised spray system. They then pass through a rinse section that uses an impressive 10,000 litres of pure de-mineralised water every hour! Every stage of this process is computer controlled to ensure the high standard of quality you expect from Vertik-al.

The extrusions then pass through the dry off prior to powder coating. Temperature in this section of the process is also computer controlled, ensuring metal temperature stays within set parameters. The heat exchange system within this section also ensures the atmosphere is not contaminated and the extrusions arrive at the coating stage in a consistent, clinically clean dry condition.

Coating the extrusions is as revolutionary as the first process - the coating thickness is controlled to extremely close tolerances over the 7 metre length. This ensures consistent quality extrusion after extrusion! The coating is then cured, not in a conventional oven, but in a micro chip controlled environment, again completely free from contaminates.




Horizontal Powder Coating Application

To compliment the Vertik-Al plant, we have three conveyorised horizontal coating lines using quick change colour speeder booths, which enables change times to be reduced to around 5 minutes.

This offers the very best quality and turnaround for smaller batches.

Extrusions, pressings and virtually any type of aluminium fabrications are pre-treated through a nine stage immersion process, dried by controlled hot air before being loaded onto the powder coating lines. Items can be coated both manually or automatically using reciprocating guns and then transported through a Qualicoat approved curing oven.

Whichever way you choose - we at Vertik-al use the very latest technology available for horizontal and vertical coating - giving you the customer the very best finish available, as you would expect from the market leader in powder coating.


What the Future Holds for Vertik-Al

Having already invested over £6 million Vertik-al intends to remain the market leader with further investments planned through to 2020. Our long term strategy is to continue to develop and improve the services we currently offer and be at the forefront of technological advances within the powder coating industry.

Order tracking is vital within our industry for speed and traceability.

Once your order has been booked onto our system it is issued with its own unique bar code. This allows us immediate access to track your order through each stage of our process, archiving all information for future reference.

Soon you will be able to track your orders through our process eliminating the need to call us - thus streamlining the passage of inter company information

We also have the facility to stock your materials, allowing us to pick and process as soon as we receive your order.  This helps to cut down handling and any transport delays, offering greater flexibility and shorter lead times.