Various Methods of Applying Powder Coating

Powder coating is traditionally applied via spraying the powder particles with an electrostatic gun, also known as a corona gun.

The electrostatic gun will impart a positive electric charge to the powder, which then proceeds to be sprayed onto an object by compressed air or mechanical spraying, then accelerated toward the piece via a powerful electrostatic charge.

Depending on the size and shape of the piece that is being powder coated, a different nozzle will be used in electrostatic coating. Once the powder has been applied it will then be heated – this is a vital step in the powder coating process as the particles will melt into a uniform film, and then cooled until hardened.

An alternative application method is called the fluidised bed method; this sees the substrate being heated prior to being dipped into an aerated, powder-filled bed. The powder will cling to the object and melt. There will be another round of heating that is required in order to finish curing the coating. This is actually how many dishwasher racks are coated.

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